Shannen Doherty prepares for her death by selling possessions she doesn’t need

Upon reflection, Doherty shared her emotional journey of packing up and shedding tears as she grappled with the idea of giving up on a dream. She questioned whether this meant giving up on life itself or simply throwing in the towel. Her mother’s reassurance that she didn’t have to let go of the place gave her the strength to continue. However, upon returning to the property and realizing the extensive repairs needed, she found it easier to release it. Doherty acknowledged that while parting ways with something significant can be heartbreaking, it can also bring a sense of peace and tranquility. She emphasized that the challenging work she’s undertaking now will ultimately benefit her loved ones by facilitating a smoother transition. This process prompted her to contemplate the value of material possessions.

Throughout the process, Doherty has come to the realization that the money she makes from selling some of her belongings can be used in more meaningful ways.
“I have the opportunity to create new memories and share experiences with my loved ones,” she expressed. “I can treat my mom to vacations because I have extra spending money available, without having to dip into my savings that will secure the future of everyone in my life once I’m gone,” she added.
During a recent episode of her podcast on January 29, Doherty mentioned that she was responding positively to a new type of cancer treatment, referring to the results as a “miracle,” although she did not disclose the specific medication she was undergoing.

“After undergoing four treatments without much improvement, everyone suggested I switch, but I decided to persist and see how it goes,” Doherty shared during her conversation with her radiation oncologist, Dr. Amin Mirhadi.
Following the sixth or seventh treatment, significant progress was observed in breaking down the blood-brain barrier. Describing it as a miracle, the actor expressed, “It feels like a miracle to me at this moment. It was like I took a chance and decided to continue.” In 2023, Doherty disclosed that her cancer had metastasized to her brain and bones. Typically, even potent chemotherapy struggles to breach the blood-brain barrier and target brain tumors, as stated by Northwestern Medicine.

Referring to the new treatment’s effectiveness, she mentioned, “It’s like a miracle, maybe God intervened and decided to give me a break.” Doherty emphasized the importance of recognizing miracles that may be right in front of us, rather than searching in the wrong places.

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Shannen Doherty prepares for her death by selling possessions she doesn’t need